We are regular cruisers from the port of Southampton, we contacted airport express travel when by chance, their card came through our letterbox. We found their rates to be very competitive and one phone call secured our first booking. Since then we have used them many times.

We have not been disappointed, booking is easy and that they give an extremely reliable efficient service in comfortable clean cars. They take the stress out of travelling to and from our cruise terminals.

We can 100% recommend them they give a first class service from start to finish.

Mrs M Garforth

We have used AirPort Express for five years, three times a year to go on holiday , and in that time we have found then to be on time taking us to the airport, never late bringing us back from the airport, we have found them to be a first class reliable company. The cars are very clean inside and out with pleasant drivers.

When asked to do this testimonial I was only too pleased, it’s a small payback for the service they had given us thanks again AirPort Express.

Mrs Ward, East Ardsley

My two daughters went away for two months trekking, when they returned the car they had paid for from a local taxi company in Leeds did not turn up and they said there was no answer from the company office. Could I go and pick them up at Manchester airport? I couldn’t, my wife and I had been out and had a few drinks with a meal. After some thought and ringing the company concerned, I decided to ring AirPort Express instead, we had used them for our holidays three weeks earlier and found them to be pretty good. Within 25 minutes after my phone call to AirPort Express a car was at Manchester airport and my daughters rang to say the airport express car had arrived. I knew they were safely on their way home.

I would recommend AirPort Express to anyone. Thanks Ken, from me and my wife we appreciate all your efforts and will definitely recommend you to everyone.

Tom Johnston, Horsforth

When I was asked to do this by AirPort Express I felt it was right to give back just a small piece of what they have given us over the past four years and let someone else enjoy the experience of stress free travel we have been on eight cruisers From Dover, Southampton , and Liverpool, we have always been at the docs on time , any traffic problems they seem to know how to get round them we cannot give enough praise to AirPort Express as the service they have given to us over the years has been exceptional, we book a cruise and we book our car , knowing that they will be here on time no more worries no stress.

I have recommended them to my friends and work colleagues with no worries that they will let them down.

Thanks again.

Mrs Mason Crossgates